The Chef-Grade Knife

That NEVER Needs Sharpening!

The Chef-Grade Knife That NEVER Needs Sharpening!
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The Magmasteel Difference:
  • High-Grade Stainless Blades
  • Granite Coated - Never Needs Sharpening
  • Easy-Grip Rubberized Handles for Comfort
  • Non-Stick Blade Surface
  • Dishwasher Safe!
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Your MagmaSteel Knife 6-Piece Deluxe Set Includes All This!
Your MagmaSteel Knife 

6-Piece Deluxe Set Includes All This!

Santoku Knife
Large and powerful, the Santoku knife chops large fruit and dices onions with ease!


Unlike the classic Chef knife, a Santoku knife has a single bevel in its blade, making for a much sharper cut.  

Santoku means "three uses" in Japanese, which perfectly describes why it was created: chopping, dicing, and mincing.  Santoku knives are great at creating very thin slices of food, too.

The Slicer
Perfect to cut slices of cooked or smoked meat, poultry, or fish. 

The granite coating will make the Slicer one of your go-to knives in your kitchen, since its non-stick surface will give you precise control over every cut!

Bread Knife
The serrated blades of bread knives are able to cut soft bread without crushing it. 

If it's soft, mushy bread, it just tends to get crushed. If it's hard, crusty bread, then the knife tends to skip off the hard surface. A serrated knife, which acts like a saw, easily cuts through both without crushing or deforming the bread in any way.

The King of your kitchen knives! 

We specially designed our chef knife with reduced surface area to reduce drag while cutting. That plus its granite coating gives the MagmaSteel chef knife the ability to slide through everything like soft butter! 

This knife will be your go-to in the kitchen!

Utility blade
Ultra-sharp and a handy size, the MagmaSteel utility knife is ideal for trimming poultry, cutting cheeses, and cutting up fruits and vegetables. 

And this is probably the knife you'll reach for when you need to cut your sandwich in half, too.

Everybody needs a paring knife! 

Our paring knife is ideal for peeling (or "paring") fruits and vegetables, and other small or intricate work, such as de-veining a shrimp, removing the seeds from a jalapeƱo, 'skinning' or cutting small garnishes

Consumer Reports Says...
"...our advice is to play it safe with all kitchen knives and wash them by hand. For best results, use lukewarm water, a mild detergent, and a non-scratch cloth or sponge..."


Because MagmaSteel is granite coated, you can safely clean your knives in your dishwasher while staying razor sharp!

We're so confident you'll love your MagmaSteel Knives, you can use them in your own kitchen for 60 days, risk free! Just send them back if you're not 100% satisfied!
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